Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brian, we're sorry...

So I had to do one more little post to tell you a few of Madison's choice phrases of late. Without further ado, here they are:

Daddy, I'm sorry...but you are not the next Pussycat Doll.

Let's sing The Ants Go Marching Four by Three!

I am five years old! This should not be happening to me!

Mom: Madison, I'm not buying you anything here. Madi to bookstore clerk: I REALLY like this book, it is my favorite book. I wish I had this book at my house to read whenever I want.

Mommy, do I look like a big sister in this outfit?

Totally Awesome Dude!

Do you wanna hear my guy voice? (In a deep...well, sort of...voice) Hey baby. Hehe...Hey Dude, I'm a guy.

Happy Father's Day!

Brian getting ready to enjoy his special Father's Day meal.
Brian's dinner menu: my special secret recipe meatloaf, tomato and zucchini pasta and homemade bread.
Brian wearing his new Spiderman 3 jammies and climbing the wall, Spidey-style.
Father's Day was a little hectic this year. We actually had three extra kids to take to church. Our friends the Paynes were in Nevada to pick up the two daughters of another couple in our old ward for them (she's about to have a baby...no traveling to Nevada for her!), so we had their two boys and little girl to play with. They have an eight year old, a five year old, and their little girl is a little over a year and a half. If anyone has talked to Madison, the five year old would be Brock, her future husband.
We had a good time...and it was funny when we arrived five minutes late (after leaving fifteen minutes early...I can't explain it either) and rushed in. And then I looked around and noticed that I had all the kids and no Brian...and then they started the sacrament prayer....uh oh! It turns out Brian was putting the stroller in the foyer when they closed the doors...and started without him. Needless to say I had a tiny panic attack. But they were all pretty good, and Brian was able to get in after the sacrament, so I guess it worked out.
After the extra kids went home, Madi and I cooked Brian's feast. We made my Grandma's meatloaf (seriously...it is SO good, especially for something names meatloaf), tomato and zucchini pasta (I learned how to make this from Martha, and then I altered it to my liking...so yummy), homemade bread, and my should-be-made-illegal brownies. Mmmm.
Then Madison gave him his present...new Spiderman pj's! He was so excited...it was an awesome Father's Day.
Oh! I almost forgot that for breakfast I made him his favorite....Eggs Benedict. What an awesome wife I am.

Benjamin Balboa...or is it Evil Emperor Benjamin-patine

Hehe...we had fun dressing Ben up in his bathrobe. So let's take a vote...does he look more like Rocky, or the Emperor from Star Wars?

Water Fun

We bought Madison one of those little plastic pools from Wal-Mart to keep her busy. She loves it! Brian put it out on the lawn and let her loose with the hose. An hour and a hundred gallons of water later...she was ready to crash. Hehe...we had to take some pictures, though. She really is loving summer so far. And man, our grass looks really long in that last picture. Slackers.

Pottery Barn...uh...Garage

Brian brought a pottery wheel home from school to practice on a little while ago, and he and Madison have been putting it to good use. They were so cute out there getting all dirty. Brian is a really great teacher for Madison, I was impressed with his skills and his patience. They sat out there building up the vase they were working on and destroying it, over and over again. I know why I'm not an art creator...I would never have the patience to build it up just to break it down for practice. They had a blast though, Madi's favorite part was when she got to wreck it. Brian says she is really good at finding the center of the pot. I guess that's important. They were out there for almost three hours! What a cute little Daddy/daughter duo!

Graduation Day!

Okay, so this is actually a while ago...we've been a little preoccupied. But better late than never!

Brian, Krista and Benjamin Hobbs
would like to announce
the graduation
Madison Elena Hobbs
The Recreation Center Preschool Academy
May 24, 2007
The event was marked by special musical numbers by the graduates. They sang The Ants Go Marching, This Old Man, and The Alphabet Song. The graduating class consisted of about ten students, and refreshments, fake Oreos and Punch, were served.
Congratulations Madi! We are so proud of you! We can't wait for Kindergarten to start!

Baby Benjamin

Ben looking like he's wearing a dress.....who dressed him? Gees!
And this is Ben in his church clothes....with his pants grandpa style.
Oooohhh...isn't he just adorable?
Two men taking a snooze the day before Ben's blessing.
They loooove each other!
We thought we'd get some new pictures up of our little Benjamin. Man...they change so much so fast! We've been trying to wade through the baby haze right now, and I think we've made a breakthrough...Ben sleeps through the night...finally! Well, sort of. He'll sleep from 10:00pm until 4:30am...and that, my friends, is a whole lot better than waking up for a snack every two hours. So...hooray for Ben! And Hooray for Brian and I...now we can sleep a little more!
Oh! I also wanted to congratulate two other young men on their recent accomplishments! Wyatt pees in the potty!!! Yay!!! And I hear that Tyler sleeps in his own bed and goes to bed at bedtime! Yay!!! Congratulations men, we are so proud of you!