Saturday, July 14, 2007

What To Do With Our Saturday.....

Sooo...what should you do when it is so unseasonably warm outside?
Why not take a ride in a school bus with two cranky children?
To see an Extreme Home Makeover house being built in Middleton, Idaho?! That's right my friends...we drove 30 minutes and took a 15 minute bus ride on an un-airconditioned bus to a dirt field to watch someone build a house. But not just any house....Ty Pennington's custom built creation!
Oh yes, it is a beautiful day in this neighborhood...

Look at all those dedicated volunteers sweating it out in the sweltering heat. What perserverance, what stamina....but, where may you ask, is Ty?
Is he perhaps sweating it out while hanging drywall? No, alas...they told us that he is canoeing on the Snake River while everyone else does all the dirty work. But don't worry, he'll be back in time to take all the credit on Wednesday at the big reveal. Wow, can you believe we spent twenty minutes in the heat watching this? Neither can we!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Wow...does anyone remember the first garden pictures we took?
Just a couple of tomato plants
We're growing corn and squash and cucumbers and...Madisons....

Three Months Old!

Three months old, and I hate this stupid hat!
Okay, maybe one little smile for my favorite Mommy...
Aha! I got it! Hehehehehe!
I gotcha where I wantcha...and now I'm gonna eat ya!
Benjamin and Madison, aren't they just adorable?

Fourth of July

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! We had a great day, making caramel corn...(Hobbs family tradition).....
Yummy caramel....
We went to the Vale parade where it was so hot that Madison lost the will to collect candy after about five minutes. 107 in the shade baby! Even with Madison on strike we were able to collect the bottom of the stroller full of candy and onions....that's right...they toss onions at this parade. Well, saved me a trip to the store!
Here I am roasting at the parade with our poor little baby.
And of course Benjamin slept through the whole thing. I was glad
he survived the heat.

Madison and Brian lit off all the fireworks...hopefully sating their pyromania for the next eleven months. Honestly, how are we supposed to teach our kids not to play with matches when we let the husbands loose with serious firepower at least once a year? I've never been one who was really into the whole fireworks thing (you can almost hear the sharp intake of breath from those who would consider this SERIOUSLY un-American of me), so naturally I let Brian work on training Madison to love lighting things on fire. And so far, so good on that subject...she loves blowing things up just as much as her sweet:).

It's All About the Benjamins

I love to eat my tiger. He is delicious!
My sister took this picture of me sleeping in my swing with my inherited Shrek 2 blanket.
Here I am being cute.
Smiling for my Mommy...cause I'm a Momma's boy!