Sunday, February 25, 2007

Our (soon to be) New (to us) House!!

Well, soon we will be closing on our first house. I know, it means we are supposed to be real grown-ups and do real grown-up stuff....but if anyone out there really knows us you'll know that this is just plain we'll settle with the appearance of being grown up. Isn't it sweet? We are so excited to finally get to live somewhere that we can hang pictures and knock holes in the wall (well, hopefully not, but we could).

Wow, what a year! We're going to be a family of four and live in a real house that is ours! If you want to see more pictures of this fabulous abode, there is a really cool virtual tour of it at check it out!!


Nanci and Ryan had their baby last night! Nanci called me at about 1:00 am to tell me her water broke....while Ryan was at work!! Ryan's parents came to get Wyatt and she met my mom at the birthing center where Ryan was able to get just in time to see his new son be born! He weighs 7 lbs 6 oz, was 20 3/4 inches long and screamed like a banshee when they pulled him out. They've named him Garrett, middle name to come, Archibald. Isn't he precious? He is just about 2 weeks early, but Nanci thinks thats alright because he probably would have been a nice 9 pounder if he had waited.

Congratulations Nanci and Ryan and Wyatt!! We can't wait to see him, although wait we will...because our baby is due in 6 weeks so we can't come down to visit the little guy! Nanci promised lots of pictures on her blog, so if you want to see some, check it out!!

Brian and I are now very impatiently waiting for our turn. I did have a terrible nightmare late last night though, Brian has a conference in Spokane in two weeks, and I dreamed that while he was gone my water broke in the middle of the night and I had no one to call to take Madi and had to go to the hospital by myself to have to baby with Madison in tow. AAAaaaaaaaaa!!! Let's just hope that was only a really bad nightmare! All these babies just can't seem to wait for their due date.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We're Losers....Sorry!

Sorry that we at the Brian Hobbs' family are such blogging losers lately. I am promising you change for the future, though. We will soon be posting exciting new photographs for your viewing pleasure. In the mean time, here is some of our exciting news:

We're having a baby in 7 weeks!!! We can't wait for our little boy to be born. We had a great baby shower last weekend and got an awesome haul for the little guy. Then we finally broke down and got a crib for him to sleep in...Madison didn't like the idea of sharing her bed with him. Some children are just so ungrateful.

We bought a house! We're waiting for closing as we speak, and are really feeling scared. We were supposed to close on the 27th of this month...but we've hit some snags with paperwork taking two and three weeks to process, so we're looking at closer to March 12th now. I guess it is all okay, although I'm getting really anxious because there are things to get done in the house before the baby comes! If anyone feels like coming out here to help me paint a nursery and sew curtains, I would be so happy to have you! Our new place (well, new to us) is so cute, and we are really looking forward to having a place of our own where we can put nails in the walls and not worry about Madison drawing on things.

Brian is a super awesome teacher and was chosen to go to this sweet conference in March. He is one of only two teachers here chosen to is a conference on technology in the classroom, and he is going to get some cutting edge information plus some continuing ed we are way stoked about it. Plus, it is totally paid for...plane tickets, hotel and food. We love free things!

Madison is going to be playing soccer. We are signing her up this month and she will start probably the first of April. She's so excited, as is her Uncle Ryan, who keeps trying to buy her cleats and professional gear, which they won't let her wear because they don't even hold practices for the 4 year old teams...just games. I think it will mostly be just a pack of wild four year olds running up and down the field, not really knowing what's going on. But it will be fun and exciting, and a way for her to have something special to do since Mom and Dad will be a tiny bit distracted by her new baby brother.

I think that is all of the exciting news we have for now. I promise to put up some awesome pictures of our new place and of our cute Madison. We also have some sweet 3-D sonogram photos that Brian is going to upload for me of our little man, and I have some cute pictures of Nanci and I as huge preggos together. I promise it will be worth the wait!!!