Friday, May 12, 2006

Brian vs the Super Spider

In this corner......the undefeated, the dangerous, the ferocious....the most feared creature on earth......the eight legged spider.

In this corner......the very strong, the handsome, the very brave...Brian.

Round One

The spider wins points for speed and agility. But Brian wasn't deterred...he kept at it!

It's over......the legendary spider ended it's career.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And To Think..........

All this gear...
And he still comes home soaking wet!

I'm Four Years Old!!

Madison Elena Hobbs is four years old!!!!Here is Madison in her birthday dress smelling her birthday flowers. She got to pick them out...notice anything about what color they are??? Anyway, we got these flowers....eight gerber daisies, three dozen roses, a huge pile of carnations, and six lilies....guess how much it cost us...come on now...guess..........

This is Madi's tea set that she got to pick out for her birthday tea party. Isn't it sooo cute??And here she is playing hostess at her birthday tea party. She kept everyone's cup full of Crystal Light, and everyone's plates stocked with yummy cakes and treats. What a charming little hostess!
This is Madison with her stash of presents. As you can see, she lined them up for easy access. She had been dying to open them all day....but we had to wait for Brian to get home from work, and even then we made her wait for her tea party guests. It was almost too much to bear! Madi loved her gifts!! Grandma and Grandpa Hobbs sent her lots of fun books (we've already been through all of them now more than once!) and Mom and Dad got her a tea set, a new dress, and a LeapFrog electronic book. Whoa...what a haul!! Grandma and Grandpa Allen are going to be bringing their present soon....themselves!!! They are going to be here on the 17th, and we are so excited! Madison still thinks they are bringing Curley the horse, and she is very anxious about him fitting on the plane. Madison had an awesome birthday, and now we get to see what the Fabulous Fours are like!!!