Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Cranky Word From Our Sponsors

Hello, everyone! I promise there will be picture posts to come...we finally have a camera after our whole Christmas thief debacle (probably a tale for later), so we can post cute pictures of what we've been up to.

For now...a brief rant from a very pregnant woman.

Remember the first time you were pregnant, and people asked you what names you had picked out for your child? You were probably naive enough to list the adorable and dear to your heart names you had picked out when you were young. Names you had cherished and kept hidden for use at an appropriate time, and finally that time was here!

Now think back to the moment you told someone one of those precious names and remember the look on their face. Yep. That look. The one that said they would be pitying your child for the rest of their life for the horrible moniker you had chosen to saddle them with.

"Well, we never knew you like such new age names," this person said to you, with a look that made you know that 'new age' was slang for 'stupidest thing I've ever heard.'

"But wait," you insisted, "Jacob is a name from the Bible! It's not new age at all!"

To which you are met with a look of doubt accompanied by a small, pitying smile. Poor little stupid you, naming your child something so weird.

Well folks, that is why I am writing today. Brian and I actually weren't sure we'd get to have any more kids to name at all, and we certainly weren't expecting to have to name TWO boys at once. Therefore, when you ask us if we've thought of any names and we tell you we have no clue...well, that is mostly true. Do you know how hard it is to name twins? We don't want to have them made fun of for having super rhymey names like Gerald and Harold. And we don't want to name them something that will get them made fun of because it is weird or hard to spell. (Well, Brian wants to name them Chuck and Chester...he claims these are both very respectable and manly names. Huh. This is why two people get to name them, and not just one!) But there is that element of knowing that no matter what we name them, there will be people out there who hate or make fun of their names. So even though we may have thought of a few options...we aren't going to tell ANYONE! Don't feel left out. We don't trust any of you! (he he)

Try to remember when they are born and you are reading their names off of the announcement that just as you got to name your children whatever crazy new age names you wanted, we get the same privilege. If you think the names are weird or stupid....keep it to yourself. We would love helpful suggestions...if you have a good idea for a name, tell us so we can give you the look.

...after some thought, I've decided this post might be a bit cranky. I intend for it to be funny, and also educational. Yes, fun and education is what we are all about at the Hobbs' house!