Sunday, October 07, 2007

Benjamin Turns Six Months Old!

Can you believe that our little Benjamin has been part of our family for half a year already?! We don't really know what we would do without him at this point. There are three people here that are totally smitten by this little guy. He is so cute! (Oh! Thanks to Auntie Heidi for the adorable outfit)

Let's see, milestones for this month....well, last Sunday night we were playing Candyland on the livingroom floor. Benjamin was observing from his stomach next to us and all the sudden...flip! Over he went! He did it with such precision and smoothness that we're sure this isn't the first time he's done it, but we were all amazed at his new moves.

He also has discovered his tongue. He loves to stick it out and make noises and spit. He really loves playing with Daddy...copying when he sticks his tongue out at him. They do it forever, it's so cute.

He also has learned to sit up by himself! Although still no interest in really getting anywhere yet. I guess when you have three people who are willing to wait on you hand and foot, you don't really need to learn to crawl.

We love you Benni!

Purdum's Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch

Since it's almost Halloween, and since we've been too busy to do anything fun with our poor neglected children lately...we decided to take them out to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins. We actually didn't know it existed and found it by accident at the farmer's market that we go to out in Fruitland. The day didn't actually start out that great...Brian left at four in the morning to take a test in La Grande, and Ben was up all night with a fever, but we decided to get out there in the evening and let Madi run off some energy.

There were pumpkins EVERYWHERE! They had big ones, small ones, white ones, smooth ones, bumpy ones, gourd-like name it, they had it. Madison was running from one pumpkin to the next, finally proclaiming one "perfect" and then she tried to drag it out to the road herself. We managed to find one just Benni's size, one for Madi, one for Brian and one for me. Now we have a little pumpkin family to put on our porch. The only thing is...we are afraid to put them on our porch (rotten pumpkin poachers) so we have them in front of our fireplace for now. It was so fun! We'll definately end up at the pumpkin patch next year.

Seven Years, Good Luck...So Far...

Ah, young love. On September 23, Brian and I celebrated our seventh anniversary. Brian baked me a giant heart shaped cookie and brought me some beautiful flowers (Calla Lillies...our wedding flowers), and I gave him an awesome watch. We had a great time, dropping Madison off with her friend Brock, and Ben went on a date with us out to dinner. Pretty low-key, but we are pretty busy and was just nice to go to dinner alone, well...almost.

I'm just so lucky to be married to such an awesome stud like Brian. He is so thoughtful and patient. He's a great daddy and an understanding husband. He works so hard, and he gets my vote for my favorite person! (Oh...too much mush!) Anyway, I LOVE BRIAN HOBBS!!!!!