Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer Projects II

Summer Projects

Summer Project #1: Refinish the hard wood floors. I want to point out the stains on the floors that have probably been there since the house was built in 1905. It just bother me that the twins would have to play on these nasty floors.

The first thing I did was move the furniture out onto the lawn. We are now white trash!!!

Everything else went into the kitchen. This is me eating on the piano.
Sanding if finished!!! I can breath again.
After sanding, staining, and sanding some more, and four layers of polyurethane, the floors are finally finished. Everybody say---wow..

During the drying stages of the floors my dad and I installed a plug and cable line down stairs in the basement.

I got these cabinets from a friend that was remolding her kitchen. All I had to do was take them out of the kitchen. They were ugly brown when I got them but I repainted them, put new hardware on them, and added a sheet of wain's coating on the front to make them look new. Notice that there is no crown molding....look down....

Bammm....what a difference a little molding makes. Ingnore the laundry mess.

I found this hutch at the thrift store and thought it would be perfect for the house. Again a little paint and I added the wain's coating on the back.

It has a light, how cool is that!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Let me tell you about my evening...

We haven't updated for a while, and I do so apologize. You see, right now we are wondering if we'll ever have time to shower or go to the bathroom, so blogging has become a tad difficult. I'm sure things will slow down eventually...or we'll adjust. Hehe...we hope!

Anyway, I wanted to give you a little taste of what an evening with the twins is like for me.

5:00 pm: Have perfectly good intentions of starting dinner. Wait...who's crying? Okay, we'll just have a peek at the babies, and then I'll get dinner started.

5:30 pm: Connor has stopped crying because he's being fed (eyes were open, therefore he thinks he must eat), but now Jackson is crying. I guess I'll try to pick him up and feed him while simultaneously feeding his brother. No problem. I'm a supermom...

5:35 pm: "MADI!? Madison?" I begin to desperately call for my helpful 8 year old, only to be responded to by my very eager and yet somehow less helpful 3 year old. I'm wondering if it's okay for him to bring me the baby. Hmmm.

6:55 pm: Finally have both babies fed and changed and lounging in their boppies. Ah, now where was I? Oh yes, dinner.

7:15 pm: Dinner started. Where is Ben? "Ben?" Of course...he is now asleep on the floor. Okay, well...I guess we'll be one 3 year old down for dinner tonight. I carry him to bed and run back to the kitchen.

7:24 pm: Working on dinner. And now both babies are crying. Ah...the dulcet tones of my precious newborns...

7:45 pm: Jackson and Connor are now both on one boppy with a pacifier each being held in their unwilling mouths by big sister, who has finally decided to help me out with them, as long as it is in front of the television...and doesn't take too long...because it really makes her arm hurt. Poor little bunny.

8:15 pm: Dinner on the table! Hooray. Just bringing the fork to my mouth now...aaaaaannnd, someone is crying. Okay, I'll just run over and see what the problem is. Oh...I guess I might cry if my brother was sucking on the back of my head, too. Two pacifiers stuffed back into two mouths, and back to dinner.

8:30 pm: Quiet. Wow. This is so totally easy, I don't know what I was thinking earlier. The twins are so sweet and cute. Ben is asleep, Madi is taking a shower...

8:34 pm: Mayhem ensues as both twins begin screaming bloody murder and Madi is yelling for me to bring her a towel. Didn't I clearly request that she make sure she took her towel into the bathroom with her?

8:59 pm: Holding both babies and "tucking in" Madison. Tell me why we "tuck in?" I never did understand.

9:15 pm: Feeding both babies simultaneously when Ben wanders out of his room and announces that he is now hungry. Well, I'm so glad he got that nice long nap at bedtime so he can stay up all night with the twins and I. I was feeling so lonely.

9:45 pm: Convinced Ben to go back to bed after feeding him cheese and a banana. I'm also feeling pretty good about not feeding him a twinkie for dinner. What a good mother I am.

10:30 pm: Surfing facebook and blogstalking people who are friends with people I know. Don't know you do it.

11:00 pm: Getting bath ready for twins, who are already starting to squirm and grunt.

11:05 pm: Wondering why I have not yet invested in ear plugs. Both babies are screaming more loudly than you would imagine a tiny little thing could scream, as I try to gather enough supplies to bathe, clothe, swaddle and feed them both.

11:07 pm: Realize that I have to pee...also realize it is going to be a while.

11:10 pm: Begin torturing Connor. Evil weapon of choice: bathtub.

11:15 pm: Wrestle screaming and slightly damp baby into pajamas as other baby screams in the background.

11:20 pm: Begin torturing Jackson with previously mentioned evil bathtub.

11:25 pm: Wrestle other screaming and damp baby into pajamas that I now realize are too small while other baby screams in the background.

11:30 pm: Get ready to feed infants who are obviously starving and visibly wasting away, just ask them...they'll scream at you about it!

12:00 am: Finish feeding poor, starving babies. Give Jackson medicine. Swaddle babies who are now wide awake and ready to play, and hope that when the book tells you to put them to bed while they are still awake, this is what they meant.

12:15 am: Put Ben back to bed again. Sit on the couch and stare at the wall, relishing the silence...wait, who's crying?

Sound like fun? I have an opening for anyone who would like to take over night shift! And before the Brian lynching starts...he is actually usually right there in the trenches with me. This was just a Brian free evening. I can't wait for more Brian free evenings when school starts in a couple of weeks (eeeek!).