Monday, September 25, 2006

Krispy Kreme

We decided to take a little trip to Boise this weekend because Brian needed to pick up some art supplies...and we stopped at Krispy Kreme in Meridien. I almost forgot how good these dang things are!!! We bought two dozen and I think only a dozen made it the way...isn't Madi's hair getting long!

My First Cake

For my birthday I got myself cake decorating lessons at JoAnn's here in Ontario. is my first ugly cake!! I guess I don't really mind how ugly it is because I'm just trying to learn how to use the tips. I have to say.....this frosting is DISGUSTING!!!!! I can't even stand to smell it most of the is so gross! Well, I guess that means I won't be tempted to eat it! The next cake is going to be clowns....ugh!! It's all about learning the technique, right??

Happy Crisco Birthday!!!!

Madison and Brian decided to make me a cake for my was a really nice thing to do, and I really appreciated it. They were having such a good time, Madi was cracking eggs and Brian added the ingredients.......well, no one ever said that he could actually follow directions. Instead of adding 1/3 cup of oil and 1 1/4 cups of water....well...he added 1 1/4 cups of oil and water....consequently we had to feed my birthday cake to the ducks. We just decided that in this case it was the thought that counts....and Brian got me some cake when he took me out to dinner in Boise. Thanks guys!!

Madi Rides Again......

Here's our Madi the cowgirl riding Curly the horse. She talks about Curly constantly, and every chance she gets to ride him she is so excited! Don't worry...Grandpa is leading him around, I don't think she's ready to ride solo yet....

And after a long day of mischief and's Madison taking a little nap in the most comfortable spot she could find. Isn't this picture just cute??? Oh, and this is the same day...our little fashionista can't stand to wear the same thing for more than a few hours. Maybe that is why I have so much laundry piled up.....hmmmm............