Monday, May 14, 2007

Bedtime Story

This was so hilarious that I had to post it. Madison wanted me to read her a story, and Benjamin didn't want to be put I stuck him in bed with Madi to read to them. Benjamin was okay as long as I was reading, but freaked out whenever I stopped. They just looked so cute and funny all tucked in together. Don't you love Madi's juice mustache?

More Hard Work....

Here is our garden! We spent hours working in the blazing hot sun to get it to this point, because it was seriously a huge mess before. But now look at it! And I think Martha would be proud of our innovative labeling system...I sort of stole the idea from her...although her version was for an herb garden, and it used smaller rocks in natural colors...a little more understated. We love our version looks so cute out there. I really want Brian to put up a miniature white picket fence around it...wouldn't that be so sweet? All votes for the white picket fence, please comment on this post so Brian can see that he has to do it!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Date Night With Madi

So this post has no picture, but I had to post this funny story about Madison. We went to Boise last Wednesday to get some things from the art store for Brian's art classes, and since we were already there we decided to go out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

When we finished our food, Madison flagged down the waitress and politely asked to see a dessert menu, because, "Jesus said cheesecake is for everyone," as she put it. Brian and I tried not to laugh at this outburst of blasphemy as the waitress went to find us a menu.

Madison was looking through the menu and asking Brian to tell her what it said. Brian was making up things like Squirrel Worm Cheesecake Surprise, and Madi quickly got irritated with him and asked the waitress to bring us some pictures because, "my Daddy can't read good."

The waitress then took her to look at the cheesecakes they have displayed in the front so she could pick a piece...meanwhile the birthday party that had been going on next to us (and that Madison had apparently been paying close attention to) was wrapping up.

When the waitress brought us our cheesecake, Madi asked for a candle..and before I knew what was happening, twelve Cheesecake Factory employees were singing Happy Birthday to Madison and she was telling them she had just turned five that day.

Sneaky little thing, isn't she? Brian and I are still laughing about this date we had. I can't wait to tell the story to her prom date!

Yard Work

We've been working like crazy on our front yard the past little while...and we thought we'd show you what we've done so far. Aren't the flowers so pretty? We planted the beds along the sidewalk with wave they should really take over and fill in and look awesome! I also am in LLOOOOOVVVEE with the center hanging flower basket. It has this really pale pink begonias in it, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It was kind of expensive, but Brian got it for me and said it could be my Mother's day flowers. Yea! Flowers that will last longer than three days! (Well, granted I don't kill them.) We still have a long way to go, but I think it's looking better, what do you think?

Field Trip

On Friday Madi's pre-school took a field trip to the Boise Zoo, and Benjamin and I tagged along. I didn't get too many pictures because it was hard to keep up with Madison while dragging along a giant stroller...but here she is riding the carousel (arguably her favorite part of the zoo), and with one of her friends from class, Chloe. These two were hilarious one point, her mom and I lost them for ten minutes when they ran off as we tried to haul the stroller up two flights of stairs. Honestly...who puts two flights of steep stairs in the middle of a public zoo? It was fun, though...and when Madi saw the penguins she told me we had to bring Brian there because he LOVES penguins! I will say that riding for two hours on a school bus full of pre-schoolers with a newborn is not exactly the funnest thing to do...I don't really recommend it, but the zoo was fun and it was nice to get out in the fresh air. Unfortunately the zoo was not as cool as the one in Taipei, or even the one in Idaho zoo overlords!

Happy 5th Birthday, Madison!

Our little girl turned 5 on May 1st...and I personally can't believe that it has been five years since she was a little one. It is actually kind of a sad birthday for me...because it means she is officially not a baby anymore, as she will be attending Kindergarten this fall. I think that makes me feel really old. Oh well! She asked for a chocolate cake with pink flowers on it...and I sort of don't have the time or adequate sleep level to go all out right her cake was from a mix. But the frosting was homemade! And I did a half-hearted attempt at decorating it, and she liked it, so it doesn't matter. The last picture is the only one I got of her party...oops! She had a few friends over after we all met at the pool to swim. Then we had hot dogs and cupcakes (okay, cupcakes and then hot dogs), and then let them knock the snot out of a pinata full of candy. Hooray! We sent them home exhausted as well as hopped up on sugar....hehehe...sorry Moms! It was a lot of fun, and Madi really enjoyed herself. So much so that she is now making plans for her next birthday...well, at least we'll have plenty of time to plan!

Great Grandma Allen

My Grandma Allen sent us a package in the mail the other day for the baby, and I thought it was just so sweet. She didn't want to go to the post office, and they have a postage scale, so she just put on enough stamps to send it here...hehe, that's why there is a picture of the unopened box. She sent this cute blanket and some adorable little booties for Benjamin. Thank you Grandma! We love you, and Benjamin will look so cute in his new booties with his cute blanket!

One Month Old!

This is Benjamin on his one month birthday! He fell asleep like this, and we forget to take another picture that day, so here he is! Hehe...we thought he looked really funny, like an extra from Michael Jackson's Thriller or something. Yea for Benjamin, he was 10 pounds 15 ounces at his one month appointment. He is getting so big! He now smiles for you every once in a while, and we just can't get enough of him. Madison is so helpful with her little brother, and every time he cries she sings him a song to calm him down....sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't, but we always appreciate her help. Isn't he just the cutest little boy??

Benjamin's First Bath

Here I am...taking my very first bath. Ooooo...I like this bath, I'm so relaxed.
Aaaahhh...I'm just chilling out while my servants pour warm water over me.
And now I have to get dressed, because I hate to be naked!!
This strange woman keeps doing this to me. I think she can't see very well, and that is why she keeps putting me so close to her face.