Thursday, March 22, 2007


Here are a few pictures of our stripey job in the nursery. We're going to add a chair-rail molding right under the stripes. I was a little worried that it looked like a circus tent, and kept telling Brian we should paint over it in a lighter blue, but he assures me that my insanity is temporary due to my pregnancy induced hormone fest, and that I will fall in love with it once he is done putting up the chair rail and the baby paraphenelia. I am pretty impressed with our stripes...they turned out really well, and it only too about three hours to do the whole kidding! The center picture features the little collapsible animal toys we bought in Taiwan. Aren't they cute? And of course the last one has Madison showing off the singing pig puppet that Brian thought the baby would he bought it, and now we are all sick of being tortured by it. Even Madison gets annoyed when Brian makes it sing....goes to show that sometimes a clearance item is NOT a good purchase....

We are really excited though, by this time next week we'll be getting all settled in and waiting for our baby!!! We can't wait, and now that we have his nursery painted, we are ready! Alright, except for the curtains, bedding and blessing outfit that I still have to sew...not to mention putting together the thousand-piece crib, and digging through all of our old baby stuff to see if we have anything that isn't pink. Well....I guess we can wait another couple of weeks for him to get here.......

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Painting Our House

Welcome to the house that Prince would call beautiful....seriously, though...this place was waaaay too purple for us. Luckily, Dan and Tammy drove up here to help us de-purple it. It took a lot of work!!

Here's what the living room looked like before painting:

And it's going........
The finished isn't that nice? It's not that I don't like color on my walls, I guess I just tend to want colors that don't burn your retina.After we painted the living room the dining room looked absolutely can see the beautiful lilac color in this picture.....we decided that it had to go, too.
And it looked so fabulous after we had painted it that we had to stain the wainscoting....doesn't it look nice?
We were so grateful that Dan and Tammy were here to help. Not only did we get the living room and dining room done, but we painted the nursery and cleaned everything. They helped us get it pretty much ready to move stuff in...and there is no way Brian and I could have done it ourselves in that amount of time! Thanks guys!!! We are moving our stuff in this Saturday, and we are so excited! Brian and I spent the last few days finishing up our fancy paint job in the nursery and moving over whatever would fit in our car. I can't wait to live in our new place!