Monday, June 01, 2009


I know we haven't been the best bloggers lately (MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT WARNING!), but we have been very busy with other things. I won't catch you up on everything right now, but I will let you in on what I was treated to earlier this evening.

I was putting on my running shoes in preparation for yet another seemingly unnecessary torture session, when I heard a very loud scraping sound coming from my dining room. Brian and I have been doing a lot of home improvement projects over the last month (and with lots of generous help from parents and friends, I might add....thanks, guys!), and as I listened to this oddly unfamiliar and ominous sound, I started to get scared.

We've been doing a lot of projects....but that doesn't necessarily mean we know what we are doing, or really that we've been finishing any of them. So I wondered what could possibly be going on in the dining room...when I know we had just agreed to finish all of the kitchen projects before we started on anything else.

Well, long story know that seriously ugly popcorn ceiling problem we used to have? You know, the one with the awesome circa 1970's glitter in it? Brian went to Home Depot and saw a new tool, a tool that looked like it was supposed to be for scraping popcorn ceilings, and he thought to himself, "self...we should buy that tool and get rid of that ceiling!" So, he listened to himself, bought the tool....and now there is no more popcorn ceiling. Wow. The only problem is that there is now popcorn ceiling dust on every surface in our house, and in every crack and crevasse.

Now, if I could only get him to focus that energy into finishing the paint job going down into our dungeon...I mean, basement....

Okay everyone...I guess you'd definitely better come to Casa Hobbs and check out all of our fine work. Especially make sure you comment on the fine workmanship represented in the dining room ceiling!