Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Promise for More to Come.....

Hello everyone! Sorry we've been ignoring our blog lately. We know you all are just as busy as we are, we're just lamer!! Anyway, I wanted to get on here to let everyone in on my bragging for this week...and I promise to post lots of pictures of what's been going on in our little family later on!

Brag #1: Madison graduated from Kindergarten. I know....they have a graduation for everything now...but I have to admit that I sat in the back and bawled the entire time. Someday Madison is going to look back at me and tell her friends that I'm definately not her mother, she doesn't have any clue who that blubbering idiot in the back is....oh, and by the way....she's adopted.

Brag #2 BRIAN PASSED HIS PRAXIS TEST!!!! Not only did he pass it, he SMASHED it! Now we have two tests down, one to go for his Oregon licensure. Hooray!! I'm not sure if you understand how much of a pain this all has been. He has TWO degrees that are valid for teaching, and yet in every state you are required to recertify....and they all have different requirements. Needless to say, we will all be sleeping a little bit better once this is all over (June 14th is his last test...cross those fingers!). Hooray for our bacon bringing hero!!!

Brag #3 I found the most fabulous deal at a yard sale. (I know, mine is sort of lame) I've been looking for two dressers to put on either side of our bed forever, knowing that eventually I was going to have to give up and actually pay full price for them. Not so! I passed a yard sale two days ago that had two solid wood dressers just sitting there looking gorgeously cheap....they guy wanted $50 for both.....and I paid $30. Yay for me! Although, as I was making the transaction I thought about Melanie and how she probably could have gotten him down to $25. *sigh* We can't all be brilliant negotiators.....

Brag #4 Ben is finally cruising along the furniture and standing up to push things across the floor!!! So close to walking that we are putting up the gates in anticipation! Hopefully by the fourth of July he'll be running to catch up with his big sister.

Brag #5 We are finally getting our ghetto back yard cleaned up! Brian has been chomping at the bit to get out there and rip it up, and he's finally got the time now that school is over. He loves being all manly and knocking down fences and ripping up sidewalks. He is also very excited to start his kitchen project. I've been trying to hold him back from taking our credit card and buying Home Depot right now to do it. I never knew I married such a handyman! He's never done some of the stuff he plans on doing, but he is really excited to learn how. What a great guy. So I guess this brag is about how great my husband is (sorry for the sappiness.....and sorry ladies, he's all mine!!). He is so motivated and eager to learn new things, and I'm so happy I married someone who has the smarts to figure it all out. Yay for Brian!

Well, that's all for now! Check back very soon for picture updates of our happy little family!!!