Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day

If you've read our blog these past few years, you know that we try to keep it lighthearted here at the Hobbs World Travelers. We like to discuss what our family is up to...what we're currently interested in...things like that. But today I have to bore you all with my own political agenda. Last night our country elected Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America. Our country was founded 232 years ago by a group of men who believed that another political way was possible. They met in secret to establish a government whose people could voice their opinions without fear of deadly consequences. Where new ideas and changing old conceptions was not only allowed, but expected. Over the course of our nations history we have seen our government use it's power to better a nation. Sometimes changes have come slower than some would have liked, but these changes were made within the confines of our laws. People complain about not having a voice in this country, but our country gives us a voice based on the fundamentals of our inspired Constitution. All over the world throughout the centuries since it was founded, our country has been a model for democracy and peaceful transfer of power. With the election of our 44th President, we have seen that peaceful transfer of power again. It is incredible, and something to be thankful for. To be born or to have been naturalized in a country where we can voice our differences, where the candidates for leadership in our country can vary on policies and not fear for their lives is a wonderful thing, a very fortunate thing.

Your candidate may have lost last night, but if you went to the polls and showed that you cared enough about the freedom that was won and has been protected for you so many times, then I feel that you have shown your pride in our country and you have proved that our country's government still works.

I am personally proud to be a part of this election where more people showed up to vote than in many years. I am proud to witness an historical landmark in our country's history. We are all concerned about our future. There is a lot for our new President to deal with in the next four years. I'm just glad to know that I live in a place where we can let our leaders know, through our votes, that we are either satisfied or dissatisfied with their progress. If you are not happy with this year's election, remember that you can vote again to make a change in the next election. It is easy to be upset or angry or even scared when things don't turn out the way we want them to, but I believe that the right thing to do is to rally our strength to make a difference where we can. I believe that we can all do our part to make our cities, states and country what we want it to be. Don't let an election make you give up what you want to fight for. If you voted, you proved that your voice CAN be heard, which is something that many people in this world cannot claim.