Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for little Madison at 12:30 at night.

Because of Madison's late night she woke up at 8:30 and ran in our room.

Santa's presents.

My present--Yummy.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Here is Madison all ready for church this morning. Isn't that just a gorgeous little girl?? Not that we're prejudice or anything, but we kind of think she's just the cutest thing ever!Her pretty curled hair....she insists on getting it put in curlers almost every night. It is cute, but sometimes I wish I'd never put them on her in the first place! By the way, that poor dress barely made it through Christmas. I kind of forgot that four year old's can be tough on their clothes...even when they only wear them for three hours at a time. This one is literally falling apart....darn taffeta!! But the important thing is that it made it for Christmas, and even though it was a pain to make, it looked so pretty on her.

Okay, here is our annual open a present on Christmas Eve......of course, it is always a present that Mommy picks out, and somehow it is always pajamas....hmmmmm.....
Madison really liked her pj's this year, she said they looked like a dress....go figure. She is standing next to the cookies we left out for Santa. She was pretty funny this year, she was very adamant that we leave cookies for Santa, and I asked her if we should leave him something to drink. She thought about it, and said that we should leave out water. I asked her why we shouldn't leave him a nice glass of milk to go with his cookies...and she told me that we couldn't do that because milk tastes bad warm. Well...can't beat logic!
Here we are, all modeling our fabulous pajamas and slippers. I wonder what fabulous person spent all the time knitting those awesome elf slippers??? We all put our new pajamas on after we opened them...and unfortunately...since I made them about a month ago....I had to pour myself into mine. Brian wanted to take a shot of how funny my belly looks if I pull up my t-shirt a little...but I was concerned that might be too....oh, humiliating!!! I guess I should have made maternity jammies for me....oops!!

Behind Closed Doors

I came home from my primary meeting to find Brian putting curlers in Madison's hair.....and he says he wants a boy......

My Secret Project

This fine piece of furniture is my secret project.....too bad Krista knows it already. Anyways, this hand crafted soon to be a one of a kind artwork by me, has been sitting in the storage for 5 years. Krista saw this at a thrift store and thought that it might need some tender loving care. When we bought this high-chair it needed some work. First of all, all the pieces on this chair were loose. It was wobbly, rickety, and generally unsafe for children. This was also the problem of the giant hole located in the middle of the seat. I think it was a kaka chair. After I washed it so it wasn't unclean and spent some quality time with the putty knife and wood glue it looks as good as new. I'm in the process of painting it white.

I had to coat the chair with 50 layers of white gloss paint....Krista insisted on no runs or drip marks on the masterpiece. This is my contribution to homemade Christmas. It's not done yet.


This is Krista and I making our traditional holiday goodies. Every year we slave all day making Christmas candy and I don't get to eat it.

The real chef isn't in this picture. This is my assistant Krista attempting to out do me in candy making. We will see......

The secret family recipe and this is only the stuff you pour the real good stuff over.