Friday, July 14, 2006

Goodbye Kaohsiung!!

Here is a final parting photo that Brian took of our hometown, Kaohsiung. We are a little bit sad to leave...but pretty excited to get started on our next adventure....Oregon! Okay, so this comes as no surprise to anyone (thanks to Dan's Grapevine), but it is still exciting for us...and you can always pretend to be surprised when we call you!

Here is our Top Ten list of things we'll miss about Taiwan:

10. The "delicious" stray black dogs
9. Not having to listen to other people's cell conversations, cause we don't speak Chinese!
8. Free water at the gas station.
7. Not pumping our own gas at the gas station.
6. The scooter (Brian is still crying)
5. Going to the beach every day
4. Going hiking in our own backyard
3. Bargaining at the night market
2. The fresh vegetable market
1. Xioudzu (according to my personal phonetics...sorry Travis!) Dumplings!!!!!!!

Here are five that we won't miss:

5. Hot Pot
4. Stinky Tofu
3. Open sewers.....not asthetically pleasing!
2. Maniacal drivers
1. Giant spiders!!!

I can't believe we made it through the year already! I'll admit that in the first few weeks we were starting to wonder what the heck we were doing there, but we adjusted eventually and I can honestly say that I will really miss it. There are even a few foods I will miss, and that took a while! I hope our next adventure will be just as fun as the last one.

Watch out Ontario, here we come!!!